Here is something we’d like you to know about Be Found Online.

At our heart, we’re a people business. And we’re all about keeping things easy for our clients.

We started as a website building business. We have build so much websites, and know a lot about Search Engine Optimization on websites. We can help clients’ websites standout naturally on Google, but it will take quite a lot of efforts. But businesses can’t wait, every business want to be found fast. They can’t wait so long to build the traffic to the new website.

We tell clients where they can list their business and do advertisement, because from resources we have, we know which websites and App are popular, where millions of people are searching for services on, how you can get a better ranking, what keywords people are searching, etc.

We wanted clients do the listings themselves to save money, however, it then turns out they didn’t achieve a good result, because:

  • Most business owners don’t have the time and energy to do the listing and advertising.
  • Most business owners didn’t list their business wisely. e.g. No stand out pictures, list in wrong place, categories, lack of key
  • information, lack of keywords, lack of tags, etc.
  • Lots of people can’t get their photos corrected to meet different websites requirements.
  • Even listed, most of business owners don’t update their information when they are changed.

But millions of people are already using these websites to find services, your business need to be there to be found, and you need to be updated, and you must be listed in a wise way to be found.

So here we are, we now here to help your business list on all the most important sites, where millions of people are searching for services. It’s not like building a new website, then spend lots of time building traffic. We will get you listed wisely on the places where heavy traffic already there, you just need to be listed there in a wise way to be found by your customers.

To make it easier for you, you just need to tell us the basic business information over the phone, or email, or online form, we will get the rest arranged for you. We will let you know how you will be listed wisely and why.

You can focus on your business, we will help you be found on Google.